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Bienvenido a SUDESTADA Jakarta

Located at Menteng, Central Jakarta, Sudestada is a specialty Grill, Bar and Cafe inspired by the vivacious Latin and Argentinian cultures.
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Sudestada’s guests can expect a wholesome and authentic dining experience. Under the helm of our well-seasoned executive chef, Victor Taborda, an Argentine native with his team of experienced cooks, their passion and hope is to serve the best of Latin cuisines that translates from the plate to your palate.

With a nod to Argentinian culture, where eating, drinking and most importantly life is best savored with family and friends, Sudestada Jakarta’s shared dining experience is intended to bring people together over food and drink, similar to a cherished family gathering around the grill or known as Asado in Argentina.

Learn all about our unique beef cuts, our grill methods, and the finest Argentinian delicacies available in the city

Bring our delicious grilled meats and tasty Argentinian-latin cooking from our kitchen to your home. Available for takeaway and delivery

Discover our Sudestada To Go menu, available for takeaway and delivery

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