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Sudestada Jakarta offers a sharing style menu that emphasizes on the simplicity of Argentinian and Latin cuisine with honesty in flavors. The menu signatures include hand-cut beef empanadas or fried stuffed dough pockets with beef, ham & cheese or spinach fillings, Housemade salchicas or minced pork and beef sausages are also an Argentine-staple dish, made fresh in house and lightly seasoned with paprika before grilled until juicy. The house’s signature item is the Matambre, a special beef cut between the ribs and the belly that literally melts in your mouth. The thick crust Argentinian-style pizza is another must try, it is light on tomato sauce but compensates with generous Argentine-style mozzarella cheese.

The main star are the grilled dishes from our “parilla” or charcoal grill ranging from the Grilled Octopus, Ojo De Bife, RibeyeBife De Chorizo, Striploin, and Tira de Asado, Short ribs. The desserts are all equally favored, where Chef Victor recommends the Argentinian classics, which revolves around the country’s culinary treasure, Dulce de leche or caramelized milk jam including the heavenly Flan Caramelo or caramel flan, the crunchy, bite-size Churros con dulce de leche or crunchy churros with a choice of caramel and chocolate sauce, and the indulgently sweet Alfajores or caramel sandwiched, shortbread cookies.

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